May 28, 2023

The best tourist destinations in the world in 2023. A Brazilian city is part of it!

Are you already counting the days to take a vacation trip in 2023? Know that there are choices that are much needed in the world. Travel and hospitality site TripAdvisor helps you make your choice by tallying the top ten The best tourist destinations in the world for 2023 which we will attend next. Brazil has a city among them.

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How were the best tourist destinations in the world surveyed?

TripAdvisor has selected the top ten tourist destinations in early 2022 to 2023 based on ratings by its nearly 100 million users. They are cities that combine culture, history, entertainment and adventure. Some of them have been visited for a long time, others are destinations that are now tourist attractions.

What are the top ten destinations for tourism in the world in 2023?

The Trip Advisor award winning destinations are spread across all four corners of the world and include one city in Brazil. See the order below, from last to first:

Tenth Santorini, Greece – An island from a volcanic eruption, it is the island of paradise and it is all built in white and blue;

9 Goreme, Türkiye – The city is entirely carved out of volcanic rock and has been designated a natural heritage site by UNESCO;

8 Arusha, Tanzania – The city is home to one of the world’s most famous wild parks, Seringueti, and trails start to Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro;

Seventh Christmas, Brazil – The capital, Rio Grande do Norte, has stunning beaches with clear waters and beautiful sand dunes, as well as buggy rides;

Christmas, Brazil.

VI Ibiza, Spain – The city features Arab influence in its buildings, in addition to being one of the busiest nightlife spots in the world.

Fifth Dubrovnik, Croatia – The city triumphs with its beautiful beaches, diverse cuisine, and medieval buildings;

IV Tulum, Mexico – The mountain city of Tulum has many archaeological sites from the Mayan civilization, as well as plenty of rhythm and dance typical of the country;

Rhodes III, Greece – Another Greek island with its beautiful beaches, white and blue buildings, and ancient archaeological ruins;

Second Cairo, Egypt – The Egyptian capital is a starting point for discovering the pyramids, obelisks and ruins of an ancient civilization.

1 Mallorca, Spain – The biggest attraction of this coastal city are the beaches and the mountain ranges that offer beautiful trails.

The best tourist destinations in the world
Mallorca, Spain.