March 30, 2023
The Brazilian model on the street doesn't know where her daughter is

The Brazilian model on the street doesn’t know where her daughter is

Almost two years later To find him confused on the streets of Morro do CantagaloIn southern Rio de Janeiro, 28-year-old Brazilian model Eloisa Fontes, who currently lives with her family in Piranhas, a city in the interior of Alagoas, does not know the whereabouts of her daughter, now 7 years old.

In an interview with Record TV’s “Domingo Espetacular,” she said she had not been in contact with her daughter for years as a result of her affair with Romanian Vivien Adrian Birleanu, better known by stage name Andre Birleanu.

The two lived together at the height of Brazil’s career, when she photographed several international brands, appeared on magazine covers and earned up to R$35,000 per photoshoot.

On the program, Eloísa preferred not to talk about her daughter and her relationship with Vivien, but the model’s relatives told the story that Roman was also a Brazilian entrepreneur and responsible for managing what she earned.

Regarding the daughter, Eloisa merely said that the child was in the care of a British family, after a court order took over the guardianship of the father – he was responsible for the girl until the court decision.

In January of this year, in an interview with Época, lawyer Vladimir Berliano, Vivian’s father, said that they also had no news of his granddaughter’s whereabouts.

“I have already visited the Brazilian Embassy here in Romania. What I want is to be able to take care of her. Why does she have to live with strangers if she can live with us? He loves her so much.”

In Época, the lawyer said he met Eloísa Fontes when she was already pregnant. “She and my son came to live with us until my granddaughter was born. After that, they lived in an apartment I had here in Bucharest. [capital da Romênia]. My granddaughter was still a baby when Eloisa and my son said they needed to travel for work. They left her with us for about three months without giving any news.”

Eloísa Fontes wants to start over

After returning to her family in the interior of the Alagoas, Eloísa Fontes had to be hospitalized for her drug addiction. Today, she and her relatives Facing financial difficulties and living in a simple house. However, the model says that she intends to return to study and work in her old profession. According to him, he misses the “adrenaline at work”.

“[Hoje] I feel at peace, I feel like a peaceful person, in my mother’s arms. It’s the best thing when [você] Come see what he’s left.”

Before she was seen disoriented in Rio de Janeiro last year, she disappeared for five days while living in New York, United States, until local police found her, walking naked and very disoriented on the city streets.

Eloísa Fontes participated in the Top Model competition for Anna Hickman of Record TV in 2011 when she was 16 years old. The following year, he moved to São Paulo to begin his career on the catwalks.

After years of working for several brands, in February 2019 Eloisa gained space in her international career and moved to the United States. Abroad, the Marilyn Agency hired her in New York. The model has international brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton in her curriculum, and magazine covers for “Elle”, “L’Officiel”, “Grazia” and “Glamour”.