March 4, 2024
The cheapest Netflix plan in Brazil announced;  Check the value

The cheapest Netflix plan in Brazil announced; Check the value

Netflix is ​​now one of the largest providers of international movies and series via flow. It is headquartered in California, USA and has more than 220 million subscribers. Few people know, but the company emerged as a DVD delivery service by mail in 1997. In 2007, streams It started growing and Netflix invested in the business. Today, more than 190 countries have access to the platform. In addition, the company also produces its own original series and movies, and it was the first successful web series house of paper It was launched in 2013.

In addition, the platform has many prices when hiring, and there may still be a new promotion for Brazil.

Netflix cheapest plan

A survey conducted by the market research company Finder, conducted a survey with several countries to find out the main users of flow.

Thus, Brazil has emerged as the second largest user in the world. Thus, 64.58% of Brazilians have at least one flow. 55.68% of people around the world subscribe to any of the movie and series platforms. Also, Netflix is ​​the largest in terms of customers, with subscribers accounting for 42% of the participants. In Brazil, Netflix has 52.69% subscribers, which is the most expensive platform among those that were part of the survey, such as Disney + and Amazon Prime.

Plans currently range from BRL 25.90 to BRL 55.90, and range from basic to premium. Thus, on Thursday the 13th, the company revealed that it will offer a cheaper rate to Brazilians, however, the plan in question will contain ads. Thus, the new subscription, which includes ads, will be available at a monthly price of R$ 18.90 and will be launched at 1 PM on November 3.

Then the value of the special plan is reduced by 27% compared to the basic plan without ads. Even with the lower price, Netflix is ​​still the most expensive among its competitors Amazon Prime and Apple TV, which cost R$14.90 Prime and R$9.90 respectively.

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In which countries will the plan be made available?

In addition to Brazil, the new subscription will also be available in 11 other countries, namely:

  • Germany;
  • Australia ;
  • Spain;
  • Korea;
  • United State;
  • Japan;
  • France;
  • Italia;
  • Mexico;
  • United kingdom.

Netflix revealed in April, when it presented the new idea, that the new plan aims to bring the platform to more countries and allow more people the ability to subscribe.

So, the Ads Basic plan has the same functions as the regular Basic plan, with the video quality being good. However, the new version has a resolution of up to 720p in HD, while the basic subscription without ads has a resolution of 480p.

In addition, within an hour of watching movies and series, you will have 4-5 minutes to advertise. This way, it will be distributed between 15 or 30 seconds during what is being watched.

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