April 13, 2024
The customer decides to “trol” McDonald’s and the chain decides to pay in the same currency

The customer decides to “trol” McDonald’s and the chain decides to pay in the same currency

Is the customer always right? A man decided to correct this story and made an unusual, to put it mildly, request. He logged into a delivery app and ordered a funky snack from McDonald’s. Learn about the unprecedented demand and response of the fast food chain’s employees. Who is right in this story?

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If the staff was afraid, the customer was even more so. The way in which the chain decided to charge the delivery of “snacks” was unexpected even by the man who came up with the idea. He was even more surprised by the response he received.

Unusual request

The story ended up on Twitter and went viral.

The guy from the US said he placed the order on a US app similar to iFood. That’s when he decided to order a traditional hamburger and pulled out all the ingredients. True! The unusual request was for a lunch without onions, cheese, pickles, bread and… no meat. Exactly like this: without anything!

Everything was removed, and according to him, the intention was to see the network’s reaction Fast food. He told the joke and waited for the command to arrive to see the result. For this, spend the equivalent of R$9.

Once the delivery man came to his home with lunch, and the man found only a traditional McDonald’s cardboard bag. Inside, there was nothing, just as the man had asked.

He just wanted to understand whether the request would be answered as he would like or if he would receive it ranking ignore him. The topic sparked a lot of conversation on social media. Some netizens found the story funny while others criticized it: “There is a lot of lack of things to do.”

Some also cited a reaction employees From McDonald’s upon receipt of the order. Well, besides not understanding anything, they must have wasted some time trying to figure out how to fulfill the customer’s request.

But if this principle is really true, then the customer is always right!