May 31, 2023

The door of a plane carrying 194 passengers opened during a flight in South Korea | world

Pictures show an open plane door during a flight in South Korea – Photo: Social Networks / Yonhap

A spokesman for the company responsible for the aircraft said that the door of an aircraft carrying 194 people was opened during a flight in South Korea, on Friday (26). Nine passengers were taken to hospital with breathing difficulties.

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The Asiana Airlines plane landed safely at Daegu Airport, according to the company. The plane took off from Jeju Island, South Korea, bound for Daegu, 237 kilometers from Seoul.

Authorities said the plane’s door was opened shortly before it landed. Video captured from inside the plane shows the door open, with passengers encountering a strong current. see below.

According to Yonhap News Agency, although some passengers were taken to hospital, no one was hurt.

An Asiana official said one of the passengers claimed to have touched the door handle.

She added, “Police are investigating the incident after a passenger who was sitting near the emergency exit said he touched the lever.”

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