June 24, 2024

The duo will start attacking Santos for the first time in seven months

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The duo will start attacking Santos for the first time in seven months

NS Santos He will have a different attacking duo to face Flamengo next Monday, in the Maracana, in the 37th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Fabio Carrell was training with Marinho and Marcos Leonardo at the front. This will be the first time a coach has this option in attack.

O Peixe had Marinho and Marcos Leonardo together for the last time in the 5-0 win over The Strongest, in Vila Belmiro, by Libertadores da América, on May 4, seven months before. At the time, Alvenegro was directed by assistant Marcelo Fernandez after Ariel Holan’s resignation. The substitute was Fernando Dinez.

The probability of facing Santos against Flamengo is: John Powell; Kaichi, Luiz Filipe and Danilo Pozza; Madson, Camacho, Vinicius Zanusillo, Marcus Guilherme, and Lucas Braga; Marino and Marcus Leonardo.

Angelo and Gabriel Pierani worked between the reserves last Friday. Felipe Jonathan, who has pubic inflammation, is still not ruled out by the medical department.

Santos occupies eleventh place in the Brazilian championship with 46 points, which is practically devoid of any risk of relegation. Peixe will end her run against Flamengo (away) and Cuiaba (at home) for a spot at Sol Americana or even pre-Libertadores.

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