July 14, 2024

The End of Instagram and Facebook Cross Messaging

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The End of Instagram and Facebook Cross Messaging
The End of Instagram and Facebook Cross Messaging

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has quietly made an important update that will affect users of the messaging services on both platforms. Starting from mid-December, the messaging services will no longer be cross-compatible.

The change was spotted by users who noticed updates on Meta support pages as of November 21st. As a result, existing conversations between Instagram and Facebook will be in read-only mode, and new cross-platform chats will no longer be possible.

A spokesperson from Meta has confirmed this change, assuring users that they can still message and call their contacts on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger individually. While this news might disappoint some users who enjoyed the convenience of cross-platform messaging, it is important to note that this update does not affect the ability to communicate within each platform separately.

The cross-platform messaging feature was initially launched in 2020 with the aim of making Meta more efficient and rolling out messaging features across all its products. However, recent speculation suggests that tying Meta’s services closer together may complicate any potential breakup of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

In fact, Meta is currently challenging the European Commission’s decision to regulate Messenger as a “core platform service” under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Meta argues that Messenger should be exempted as it is merely a feature of Facebook rather than a standalone messaging platform. It remains unclear if Messenger’s interoperability with Instagram DMs played a role in its designation under the DMA.

Interestingly, the cross-platform messaging feature was not implemented in Europe, further highlighting the complexities and differences in regulations across different regions.

As mid-December approaches, users of Instagram and Facebook messaging services should be prepared for the upcoming changes. While cross-platform messaging will no longer be possible, individuals can still communicate with their contacts on each platform separately. Stay tuned for further updates on Meta and its ongoing efforts to adapt to evolving regulations and user preferences.

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