June 4, 2023

The European Space Agency launches a mission to investigate whether there is evidence of life on Jupiter | The National Gazette

The European Space Agency has launched a mission to investigate whether there is evidence of life on Jupiter

On Friday (14), the European Space Agency launched a mission that will investigate whether there is evidence of life on the largest planet in the solar system.

Science fiction writer Arthur Clarke once said, “There are two possibilities, either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally frightening.”

Humanity has already been to the Moon, sent a robot to Mars – yes, we have been trying for some time to find evidence of life on another planet.

and then? Could the probe one day send us some pictures of some strange fish? Postdoctoral fellow Shivangi Charan, from Imperial College London, who is part of the Juice mission team, answers this question. Shivangi recalls that the first living things on planet Earth originated in the oceans.

But this probe is not going out there to find a living thing and send back an image here. It is only a preliminary investigation to see if the moons are capable of harboring even a small microorganism.

The probe will explore the moons of Jupiter – Image: JN

The British Space Agency said that the mission that left Earth on Friday (14) is “a journey to discover new worlds.”

This time, you will be looking for evidence of life on another planet It cost nearly 9 billion Brazilian reais. It will not be a quick trip. The missile will cover 884 million kilometers of roads. My life and your life could change a lot at the end of this mission.

Is that The probe will only reach the orbit of Jupiter in 2031. After that, There will be 35 flights of the three satellites by the end of 2034. Yes, science has a different time. In this case, we don’t come back “at any time” with new information. Only there for the year 2035.