June 13, 2024

The European Video Games Confederation wants the European Commission to protect Activision Blizzard’s purchase

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The European Video Games Confederation wants the European Commission to protect Activision Blizzard’s purchase

The European Video Games Confederation was present at the February 20 hearing before the European Commission, regarding Activision Blizzard’s purchase agreement. The event, which lasted several hours, ended with successes such as the arrival of titles from Activision Blizzard to GeForce Now from Nvidia and Call of Duty to Nintendo; Moves by which Microsoft has the support of both companies in its defense, leaving Sony practically alone. Not only companies participated in the hearing, but also the federation itself, which did not miss a single opportunity that the agreement is very beneficial for competition and platforms in Europe.

In its official statement, the federation stated that the video game market has changed, so the European Commission must change its perspective on assessing competition in this sector. Again, remember that the Tencent has not stopped investing In the publishers and developers in recent years, so it is necessary for European developers and distributors to have a strong representative to defend their interests in the global market.

The European Video Games Union wants the European Commission Activision Blizzard Purchase Protection. Moreover, the Federation took the opportunity to remind the Commission that the future is the future multiplatform. On the other hand, because developers are constantly working with some platforms and others, adapting and moving around these changes. On the other hand, because smartphones have reached the capacity of laptops and consoles, on many occasions. As a result, genres traditionally intended for consoles or PCs are now found on systems such as the Microsoft Store (consoles, PCs, and mobile phones included) or Google Play (mobiles and PCs). By supporting it, Microsoft will allow young developers to access its store, In competition with those of Google or Apple.

Finally, the federation pointed out that The future is uncertain. What makes sense in finance today may not make sense tomorrow. This is the reason for commitments Microsoft must be supported and strengthened.

European Video Games Federation supports The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, as its potential repercussions on competition in the video game market will outweigh the problems caused by restricting consoles by subscribing to specific segments, the statement said.


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