March 31, 2023
The fastest shark in the world jumps in an American boat

The fastest shark in the world jumps in an American boat

A video posted on Instagram shows the rare moment when a group of fishermen managed to hook an Atlantic mako shark (Isores Oxyrinchus) – the fastest shark in the world – off the coast of Massachusetts in the United States. The animal struggles not to be captured and is caught jumping into the water 20 meters from the stern of the boat. Seconds later, another large mako shark appeared in the air right next to the boat and crashed onto the deck.

The animal bumps into a hunter who initially appears trapped with his fishing rod attached to a support harness. Another man in the video throws himself backwards with the shark on his foot, before breaking free and climbing a ladder to seek safety.

The shark is left wiggling and banging between the benches when the shooting is over. According to reports, no one on the boat was hurt, but it is unclear what happened to the shark.

A new US federal law to protect species whose survival is at risk off the US East Coast requires fishermen to throw sharks back into the water.

However, its size alone would make it difficult for the crew to pull it aside—even without the danger of its sharp teeth. Mako sharks grow up to 4.45 meters long and can weigh more than 500 kilograms.

“Sea leopards”, as members of this species are called, are known for reaching speeds of 74 kilometers per hour over short distances. They are found in tropical and warm seas around the world, reaching a depth of almost 900 meters. They are usually found in ocean waters, between the surface and a depth of 150 meters.

The mako shark has no natural predators, but it is classified as endangered worldwide after being hunted extensively as a delicacy, due to its appreciation for its skin and also because it is often accidentally caught, along with other fish.