June 25, 2024

The government will pay R$24 million retroactively to health professionals

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The government will pay R$24 million retroactively to health professionals

Payment will be made from December, in full to those with the lowest amount, up to 2,400 million R$ and in 9 equal installments, starting from January 2022

More than 3,100 health professionals will receive R$24 million in back-to-back payments. The announcement was made by Governor Antonio Dinar on Tuesday, 16th.

According to the government, the payment will be implemented from December, in full for those with the lowest amount, up to the amount of 2,400 million R$ and in 9 equal installments, starting from January 2022.

Representatives of the Federation of Physical Therapists, Radiology, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists and Sintraima (the effective union of civil workers of the state of Roraima) participated in the meeting in the conference room of Palácio Senador Hélio Campos.

?? In this first payment, servers with lower amounts will be offered to receive. From January, the remaining installments related to higher amounts will be repaid until the last installment is completed. By paying the amount of the rollback, we show that it is possible to balance public expenditures, including health and the economy. And I feel so happy that I can be here today and declare this victory for the health workers who deserve all our respect,” Governor Antonio Denarium explained.

According to the Minister of Health, Leocadio Vasconcelos, health workers covered by Law No. 948/2014 will benefit.

“Servers of various categories have been recognized by the strategic measures that the state government has put into effect in recent years. Today we are paying back an old debt we owed with those professionals who have dedicated themselves to health in Roraima and who all deserve our respect”, continues Minister of Health Leukadio Vasconcelos.

For María de La Paz, president of Sindprer (Federation of Nursing Professionals of the State of Roraima), making retroactive payments is a testament to the respect that health groups deserve.

“Being here today to receive this news is a lot of fun. Gear has been asking for more recognition for some time and we’ve had so many accomplishments, the pandemic has brought so many challenges, and being here today is so much fun and we just have to thank and say to the health team that we will continue Fight for better working conditions.

In May of that year, health workers achieved a significant milestone, the enactment of Law 1475/21, which deals with PCCR (Jobs, Jobs, and Bonus Plan) for Sesau servers, ensuring a 43% salary adjustment for all 14 state health categories. (Valid as of 2022). Since 2014, these professionals have had no salary adjustment or replacement.

In 2021, about 489 government employees achieved job stability, after completing pilot training and conducting the six special performance evaluations. Expectations are that another 278 servers will gain stability in October.

According to the president of Sintraima, Francisco Figuera, the permanent servants are going through a new moment in which there is respect and appreciation for the efforts of the classes.

“We, who represent the effective public servants of the state, are grateful to the government for this initiative, and today, being here and seeing the announcement of the payment of retroactive payments, we are satisfied with this expression of respect for health workers, knowing that this measure reaches civil servants from Lower positions to servers in higher positions,” the Centraima president concluded.

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