February 28, 2024
The impression is that the virus will start to run out

The impression is that the virus will start to run out

The inventor of alcohol gel, Swiss hygienist Didier Petit said he believes that the general trend Corona Virus He’s “running out a bit”. Therefore, for him, annual revaccination against COVID-19 may not be necessary.

He explained that in the case of ache This is because the virus of this disease is very changeable and there are different viruses. Also for this reason, the vaccine, in this other case, includes more than one type, and they are the ones most likely to cause epidemics in the year.

In an interview with the Valor Econômico newspaper, he said: “As for the coronavirus, we can’t even know if it will continue to mutate or make new variants. It seems that it probably won’t.” He added: “This is part of a rather catastrophic scenario. But today we don’t have the impression, based on scientific data, that this virus will behave like this. We are more under the impression that this virus will act at a certain point. Start if it wears out a little, if it goes out. a little “.

However, the doctor emphasizes that all monitoring is important because there is no definitive answer on the subject. The Swiss note, for example, that there may still be “one or two new variants” and that in the end, one of them may be able to circumvent vaccines or reduce their effectiveness, which could lead to the need for a new dose or even a “slightly different vaccine.” “.

“This does not mean that it will go away, but it is likely to be part of the coronavirus family that we have lived with for hundreds of years, without the need to be vaccinated every year,” he said.

From pandemic to pandemic

In addition to the production of alcohol in the gel, Petit that it Chief Physician Department of Infection Prevention and Control at the University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, Geneva. The doctor is also the head of the independent commission set up by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, to lead the epidemic in the country.

The expert believes that the epidemic will become a pandemic when countries impose greater controls on the disease and only epidemics spread, as in Norway, where the situation is better. On the other hand, it confirms that the low numbers of vaccination coverage in the world maintains the pandemic scenario.

“For example, in Africa only 4% of the population is vaccinated, and there are less than 20 countries that have vaccinated 10% of the population. We will always be at risk of an epidemic. Why is the vaccinated person protected but the unvaccinated continues to be unprotected? He threatens others and threatens Himself “.

So, for the Swiss doctor, in a few months we may have “an uncontrolled case in some places and new, less sensitive variants of our vaccines”. In the case of Brazil, the public health specialist believes that if there are enough vaccines to revaccinate the entire population, this is a good initiative for 2022.