February 26, 2024

The influencer has bizarre plastic surgery to get cat eyes and the result is shocking

Summarize the news

  • The influencer underwent plastic surgery to make the eyes more feline.
  • He published a result that shocked his followers, who criticized the doctor.
  • The clinic where I had the plastic surgery posted the whole thing on social media.
  • She claims to have been addicted to plastic surgery since she was eighteen.

A 37-year-old British digital influencer shared a result Plastic surgery What did you do to get eyes like a cat She was severely criticized by her followers. Instead of looking for a surgeon back home, she went abroad — she didn’t say where — for the procedure.

Nasreen Corfield-Smith appeared on a video of the moment of his appearance doctor He was assessing the changes shortly after the surgery was over. According to the tabloid Daily StarThe influencer’s intention was to bring her eyes closer to her forehead, in order to give her face a more feline shape.

The result of the surgery shocked netizens around the world
On / TikTok / @aestheticcliniclondon

the doctor. Hakan Ozukak, who performed the operation, said that the surgery is called “cat eyesIt is used to lift the corners of the eyes and do a facelift to lift the middle of the face and cheeks.

In another video, Nasreen gives his reasons for having a facelift, claiming that he has a lot of loose skin on his forehead. According to her, it is eyebrows It was heavy in weight, and needed a little steadiness.

The beautician admitted that she became addicted to plastic surgery, especially lip fillers, when she was 18, saying it helped her ease her insecurities about her body.

Many netizens commented that they were shocked by the outcome and that the doctor should lose his license since the operation is so invasive.

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