February 28, 2024

The journalist explains in detail how Globo wants Manoel Soares to leave Encontro, and shows the team itself

The partnership between Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares may be coming to an end. According to information from columnist Lucas Pasin, of Splash UOL, TV Globo was going to choose to discreetly remove the presenter from Encontro. In response to the rumors, the presenter’s team spoke out.

Sources close to the situation revealed to the journalist that the station in Rio must have used Soares’ two-week vacation as a “cover” for his departure in the morning. In this way, he would leave the program and never return, thus avoiding a grand goodbye and preserving the end of the tumultuous partnership with Patrícia Poeta “in the dark”.

Manoel Soares and Patricia Poeta on Encontro. (Photo: Globo/Fábio Rocha)

The two must stop working together even before Manuel’s final moments at the attraction. Poeta is set to go on her own sabbatical at the beginning of July, when the program – in the version she and Manuel helmed – completes one year on the air.

According to Bassin, when the broadcaster returns to the “Encontro” stage, the journalist will already be on vacation. Sources on the radio said the “disagreement” was deliberate. “The intention is that they never meet again. Manuel will cover Patricia’s holiday. Upon her return, he will be away for about two weeks and so their meeting will not take place on stage.” detailed connection.

Consultations are announced

With the rumors of Manuel’s departure growing stronger, the liaison advisor decided to speak out. Soares’ representatives said, at UOL’s request, “that they were unaware of his departure from the meeting.” They also asked the car to look for Globo to clarify the journalist’s future, but the broadcaster said that, as of now, there were no forecasts of changes.

Bassín, in turn, indicated that Manuel should only remain in the cast of “Papo de Segunda”, on GNT, along with producer and music entrepreneur Konrad Dantas and Kondzilla, as well as veterans João Vicente de Castro and Chico Bosco.

Manuel Soares should stay in “Papo de Segunda”. (photo: GNT)

Troubled relationship

Also according to Lucas, TV Globo “broke its head” trying to resolve the feud between Patricia and Soares. Previously, global managers needed to intervene in the co-presenters’ relationship and even held meetings to understand how to handle the matter, as clashes between them generated negative repercussions for the ‘meeting’.

The broadcaster was even going to consider the possibility of bringing the presenter back to “É de Casa”, an attraction on which he performed for two years. The change, however, was not to be well received by the production and the hosts of the morning show, María Beltrão, Thiago Oliveira, Talitha Moretti and Rita Batista. And according to Bassin, Soares will also have friction behind the scenes of the old programme.

Finally, the journalist stated that Globo was also supposed to take care to avoid confusion with the public, which would be divided between pro-Patricia and pro-Manuel fans. The channel wants to prevent the farewell so that the change appears “normal”, which came as a transfer from the program.