June 23, 2024

The Magic Auto Repair Spray: Does It Really Work?

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The Magic Auto Repair Spray: Does It Really Work?

Scratch repair car Easily erase word written in pencil. That’s the promise of a video that went viral on the Internet, in which damaged vehicles, in various colors, are repaired by spray-painting them.

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The product in question is available online for $25 (R$130) and has options for white, red, black, blue, yellow and gray cars. The videos promise an easy, by anyone, application of quick sandblasting at the spot that needs repair.


Despite the easy and economical sale, the novelty does not convince auto body professionals that they can even significantly reduce repair costs and thus increase profits. This is because if there is no preparatory procedure for painting the area to be repaired, the result is not satisfactory, since defects in the surface relief will still be visible.

Another factor to consider is that without a suitable environment for painting, the paint may become contaminated after application with impurities. Finally, factors such as color difference, as well as the appearance of spots, can also appear in the results of applying the magic spray.
Although the colors vary in the paints available online, the different shades of color must also be considered.

For example, GM’s “Mahler White” has six colors, just as Chevrolet’s “Summit White” has more than one. In short, there is no guarantee that the spray will be the exact shade of paint applied to the vehicle.

However, it cannot be denied that products of this type can help combat corrosion on the side. On the other hand, you cannot expect a professional job with this product.

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