March 26, 2023
The Ministry approves a booster dose for health workers |  Vaccines

The Ministry approves a booster dose for health workers | Vaccines

The Minister of Health wrote: “We have just approved the booster dose for health professionals, preferably with Pfizer, starting six months after full immunization.” Marcelo Quirogaon your Twitter profile.

Queiroga has been quarantined in New YorkAnd his test result was positive COVID-19 Before what will be his return trip to Brazil after accompanying President Jair Bolsonaro to the United Nations General Assembly.

In August, when it was announced that the reinforcement would be applied, Until Queiroga announced that doctors Other professionals in the area will be a priority audience. As expectations were not confirmed, the class claimed inclusion.

The city of São Paulo reports that there are The increasing pollution of these workers, especially that working on the front line of the epidemic was launched xepa list For health professionals.

The booster-dose vaccination for the first two people has been launched by the federal government as of September 15.

As well as health professionals and seniors over the age of 70 You completed your vaccination schedule more than six months ago. In the case of people with weakened immunity (immunosuppressants), it is necessary to take the second dose for at least 28 days.

Understand who suffers from immunosuppression

People with reduced immunity are called immunosuppressed or immunocompromised.

This group takes into account, for example, people with cancer, people with HIV, transplant recipients and others with weakened immune systems, which makes the patient more susceptible to infection.

  • People who have had solid organ or bone marrow transplants;
  • Persons with HIV and CD4 <350 cells/mm3;
  • Persons with active immune-mediated systemic rheumatic diseases using a dose of prednisone or equivalent >10 mg/day or receiving pulse therapy with corticosteroids and/or cyclophosphamide;
  • people using immunosuppressants or who have primary immunodeficiency;
  • People with malignant hematomas.
  • Cancer patients who have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the past six months.

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