February 8, 2023
The new Galês credit card offers 8% cash back and 100% return on CDI

The new Galês credit card offers 8% cash back and 100% return on CDI

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Sao Paulo native Alexandre Borba Chiquita has been revolutionizing the world of players lately. For those who don’t know him, the 37-year-old has gone viral on a live platform, sharing his plays with thousands of fans, dubbed Tribo Gaulesa. In this sense, understanding the needs and desires of her audience, more than anyone else, Gaules, in partnership with Itaú, developed card for players🇧🇷

With the project called #IssoMudaOGame, the card is exclusive to the most diverse gamers, and contains a R$20 voucher and approximately 8% cash back on purchases made with the card.

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Card benefits dedicated to players

Each specific service directly delivers what the user needs. So, in the case of the Gaules card, the project is carried out by a player for other players, that is, there are only benefits. So discover the advantages of the service:

  • 8% cash back on Steam purchases;
  • $20.00 voucher in games;
  • 100% CDI return;
  • free account for life;
  • exclusive drops from Partner Gaules;
  • Sub exemption on Twitch for the first month;
  • Participate in a large donation of 10% of the amount raised to a charity;
  • Access to the exclusive Discord channel, which features:
    • CS:GO tournaments;
    • daily events and mini games;
    • thousands of prizes in gift cards;
    • Positions with exclusive benefits for Player’s Bank clients.

In addition to the above benefits, participating in events on Discord offers many other special rewards for subscribers only. You won’t be left out, right?

Basic requirements for obtaining the card

Firstly, the minimum age to obtain a Gaules Card is 14 years old. With that said, just enter Site and recording performance.

Then, just download the app the registration directs you to, answer the surveys and be happy with your player card.

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