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The new Play Store theme with materials you design is available for all users

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The new Play Store theme with materials you design is available for all users

Update (5/24/2022) – HA

according to everyone announced last week, Google (finally!) has updated the web version of the Play Store With a more modern design, Inspired by Material YouIt includes different aspects of the virtual store from smartphones and tablets to computer screens.

The test actually started since November 2021, and recently more and more users started noticing the differences. Now finally The novelty is widely distributed to all Internet users.

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May 24

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May 24

As you can see right away when you open the site, the icons are larger, the interface is generally cleaner and uses the typical Google Print style in addition to the company’s various other services. In the top menu, you can navigate through the pages of games, applications, movies, books and children, as well as perform a search by clicking on the magnifying glass on the right, next to your profile icon.

When browsing the apps page, the store now gives you options to view a file Apps for mobile phones, tablets, TVs, Chromebooks, smartwatches, and even cars.

Another interesting feature is the page for each application. In the case of games, which have more flashy trailers and images, a banner with the game’s key information keeps the sticker playing automatically in the background, reminding what virtual console stores are doing to better display the product.

In the case of simpler applications, the design refers more to what has already been seen on mobile phones, now with a larger icon on the right side and the information on the left side. It is interesting, however, Depending on the web version, it is not possible to see the size of each application in their information sheet. This is still shown in the Play Store on mobile devices.

Other divisions, such as Films, have also received reworks, to highlight premieres, growing content, and also offer curation of work by the responsible studio. Likewise, the books section separates e-books and audiobooks.

And you, what do you think of the new look of the Play Store? Leave your comment!

Original text (5/17/2022)

The The Google It releases a design update for the web version of the Play Store on Tuesday (17). After several years without receiving significant changes, the official website of the store apps for Android takes on a whole new look and feel for the mobile version, while embracing many elements of material you.

The visual language of the site It inherits many features from the mobile versionbuttons, icons with rounded edges, search filters, and more prominent titles. The gray background is replaced by white and you are likely to receive support for dark mode. All elements bring a more modern look than the “square” look of the old site.

(Images: Playback / Android titles)

The organization of the apps for the current titles most commonly used by the public has also been improved. Users will be able to find backup categories like ‘Broadcasting’, ‘Productivity’ and ‘Education’ on mobile, tablet and TV Chromebook and other devices running Google’s operating systems.

Interestingly, the “Play Livros” and “Play Films” sections continue to adopt a more squared layout for the title cover, but have gained sections announcing promotions, commemorative events, and other platform news.

Google Family Link gets new features

The Google
May 17

google imp

May 17

This is another of the new discoveries brought by big tech this Tuesday. This morning, we reported on a google play system update, which has added a new parental supervision tool to Family Link. By the way, May was the stage for Show new mobile phones And Artificial Intelligence Solutions Signed by Google.

The Play Store is getting a design update gradually, and at the moment, it seems to be limited to a select portion of the platform users.

What do you think of the new look for the Play Store? Did it come for you? Suspension!

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(Updated May 16, 2022 at 4:00 PM)

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