February 26, 2024
The new version of the console will already be with the studios

The new version of the console will already be with the studios

Assumed new model for ps5It was previously speculated as a digital release as there will be Implement disk reader separately, it will already be with the studios. According to information obtained by journalist Tom Henderson, the developers praise the console’s performance internally.

As pointed out by Henderson on Twitter, the Japanese giant is preparing to launch the video game in the middle of 2023. However, it is not clear whether the fulfillment of the product will be from PlayStation Studios only or not.

PS5 minor update with removable disc reader. I’ve heard from a couple of people now that test kits already exist with some individuals and that they “work perfectly”. We should hear more about the console officially soon.

According to the journalist’s sources, the reader will be integrated into the new PS5 model through a USB-C connection. No major hardware improvements will be applied, so performance is expected to be similar to current consoles.

As usual, the Insider should not be seen as an official source of information – so please treat this article as a dossier Common🇧🇷 Better to wait for Sony to confirm this new version of the product.

Made for pre-order on PS5 and PS VR2

Amazon Brazil has already opened pre-orders for the PS VR2, a PS5-compatible virtual reality device that will launch in February 2023. Find out more information here🇧🇷