April 13, 2024
The oldest shark on earth was found in Greenland

The oldest shark on earth was found in Greenland

In Greenland a Sharks The one that lives in deep waters is considered the oldest animal on Earth, because according to analyzes carried out on marine species, it is about 391 years old.

The age result came after an analysis of the outer layer of the animal’s eyes. The person responsible for carrying out the studies was Julius Nielsen, a biologist at the University of Copenhagen. According to the biologist, animals of the same species as sharks live from 272 to 512 years.

How did you do the experiment?

Image: Planet Connection

The biologist A an experience With 28 female sharks, their accidental deaths occurred during a fish-monitoring programme.

During the research, Nielsen analyzed the creature’s eyes, the interior of which contained radiocarbon. The radiocarbon has a lens that grows throughout its life, and as it ages, the shark’s eye forms a new layer of lens.

Specialists removed each of the lenses in order to reach the embryonic nucleus present since the animal’s youth. By analyzing the chemical composition of this tissue, it was possible to reach the age of the animal. Thus, it was established that the 28 female shark was about 272 years old.

In one of his speeches, the biologist revealed what made the research successful:

“The secret to the success of this study is the fact that we have small and large animals, medium and large animals, and we can compare them all.” – Nielsen.

According to research, the oldest land shark may be found in Greenland survived For a long time because they live in very deep and cold waters, therefore, the metabolism of the animal is slow, as well as its body temperature decreases, and these physical conditions of the animal generate less tissue damage.

After studying and discovering the animal, the biologist explained that it needed protection because it is a rare species with such a long life. There are several issues that make the maintain This animal is not so easy.

We can cite some aspects that make protecting shark life a bit complicated. For example, females are only ready to reproduce when they reach 156 years of age, and the delay in reaching sexual maturity impairs the species’ reproduction, making it more scarce.

Another aspect is the poachers in the region and climate change, although hunting for these animals is prohibited, there are many illegal practices. Not to mention, natural issues like climate change and reproduction are not factors we can control.

It’s very important for people to understand how important this problem is, said the ecologist involved in the experiment, Aaron Fisk Protect Ecosystems are dangerous.

Longevity is wonderful, but I hope the public understands the importance of this fact when it comes to managing and preserving ecosystems. If Greenland sharks live that long and don’t reproduce until they are 150 years old, their population is vulnerable to exploitation.” – Aaron Fisk

See below a video showing Nadir screenshots Shark in the Canadian Arctic.