June 14, 2024

The Palace in Buzios will perform a reality show with lawyers

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after, after reality programs With musicians, athletes, chefs, doctors, models and financial market operators, came the turn of lawyers.

interior of legal palace in BuziosReproduction / Instagram

the program legal palace It will place 14 in-house legal digital influencers for a knowledge quiz on law, marketing and entrepreneurship, as well as physical effort and luck tests, similar to Brazil is the big brother.

baptized from legal palaceThe program will take place between 2 and 5 December in B├║zios (RJ) and will be broadcast on Youtube For 24 hours and on Instagram through spirits.

In addition to games, the legal palace It will include lectures and panel discussions with professors of law and other jurists. The event also promises themed parties – but not for legal reasons, but Luau, the cheesy party, the white party, and the closing party. After all, all parties with a legal theme will be the same, with participants wearing formal clothes.

She has not been informed whether the candidates will be disqualified as others the facts. Nor if there is a possibility to appeal the decisions.

Law professionals will also be “honoured” with a show get up Legal and the possibility of ten more people staying at home and participating as VIP guests.

However, what the winner’s prize will be has not been revealed. It is also not known whether he will have to wait for the final decision to receive the bonus.

NS reality It was designed and presented by Alberto Lopez Jr., 39, an attorney and regular judge at the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, who also has his own legal digital project.

to the site I love the lawAlberto says the palace environment should be facilitated Networks and interaction between participants. He advocates that law should be accessible to everyone and the protagonist, classifying the initiative as “the revolution and innovation of law.”

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