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The patient told the DF psychiatrist: “If you don’t stay with me, you won’t stay with anyone.”

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Posted on 9/18/2021 10:57 AM

    (Credit: Fernando Lopez/CB/DA Press)

(Credit: Fernando Lopez/CB/DA Press)

In an interview with MailA psychiatrist who was persecuted and threatened by a 61-year-old former patient provided details of how the whole case began. The 30-year-old professional, who prefers to preserve her identity, still fears a man will intimidate her again. The initiative to report him came after the victim received a message with a dangerous tone. “If you don’t stay with me, you won’t stay with anyone else,” the author wrote. Last Thursday (9/16), he was arrested by the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) within the same office and will respond freely.

The professional serves children and is also a neuropsychologist for the elderly. Away from social networks, you prefer to keep appointments by appointment. The writer began consultations in December 2020. After that, the psychiatrist took leave and came back at the end of January. The professional began to distrust the man on Valentine’s Day, June 12, when the old man declared himself. “He spoke to me personally, and said he fell in love with me for being beautiful and for being there. What worries me most is that he said he was jealous.”

from there, The psychiatrist decided to suspend the consultations, but the man refused and the professional began to live in horror days. “He forwarded messages and called regularly. I blocked him from everything, but he created new profiles and called from other numbers. It was terrible.”

According to rep Thiago Hexsel, of the Women’s Specialized Police Service (Deam 1), she also referred the patient to another male professional. “Even the psychiatrist didn’t seem interested, the guy didn’t stop chasing her after the treatment was done,” she explained.

A drop of water

With denial, the man decided to appear at the victim’s office by surprise. For her, this situation was the last straw: “He came into the room and insisted that he resume his appointments. I did not answer and quickly went to record the handout.”

With the evidence available, the police set up a camp inside the clinic and await the patient’s arrival. When the man entered, he approached him and was arrested. He is responsible for the offense of “stalking” which can result in a sentence of between six months and two years.

Despite this, the victim claims that he does not feel completely safe. “I don’t receive any calls, only via WhatsApp. I think people are pushing the limits, and here in DF there have been many cases of this kind. Today, good treatment is a reason for people to misinterpret.”

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