June 14, 2024

The pink aurora borealis, considered rare, is seen in the skies of Norway

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The pink aurora borealis, considered rare, is seen in the skies of Norway

It is considered until far away rare one Northern lights Pink recently shone in the sky Layla Around The Norway🇧🇷 This happened later Give solar storm what or what receipt a planet And the He left a casing In the field magnetic Give a land🇧🇷 Gap He left what or what grains Solar in high energy perforated more deep in the atmosphere ususally , Producer on fire in the color abnormal🇧🇷

The sudden light show can be seen on the night of November 3 by Collection Written by Markus Varek, a guide to Northern Lights tours offered by a Greenland tour company headquartered near the city of Tromso, in Norway. in capacitor twilight Back In the sky for every return From 6 pm time location and stayed for every there Around two Minutes🇧🇷 secondly a I mentioned the guide To live in science E-mail🇧🇷

“these they were pink twilight more strong I saw more than One decade of tours leaders‘, says Varek. ‘It was One heavy experience🇧🇷

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How did this episode happen?

Pink aurora appeared in the sky as small cracks appeared in the magnetosphere, one field About invisible magnetism Give Earth created through the heart in metal Planet liquid. You are researchers Discover One broke down after, after Little Storm Solar🇧🇷 in G-1 . class🇧🇷 receipt The land on 3 of November🇧🇷 secondly a Site Space WRether🇧🇷

Photo: Markus Varek/Greenlander

“The broke down in the magnetosphere Give a land also helped to build up strong green twilight during The night,” the tour guide noted.

a casing In the area magnetic if Closed inside 6 hours after, after The Opening🇧🇷 in this middle time🇧🇷 Unknown Domain in light blue too Back in the sky Around The Swedenwhere stayed parked for every Just 30 Minutes🇧🇷 according to shown a SpaceWeather website.

HoweverYou are Scientists number I know with sure if this phenomenon anomaly that it a Writes in Aurora Not found before🇧🇷 it causes for every one field magnetic broken🇧🇷 or as such result than something else. Expert pointed that tape he can has been made fur fuel frozen by a missile RussianHowever, no missiles were seen flying over the area, according to information posted on the site.

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