July 14, 2024

The planet that escaped the death sentence

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The planet that escaped the death sentence
The planet that escaped the death sentence
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Halla may be orbiting two stars, like the famous planet Tatooine in the movie “Star Wars”.
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In the process of becoming a red giant, The star expands in such a way as to consume any planet that comes near it. It was believed that no planet could survive this transformation.

However, this happened to the planet Halla, OR 8 Orsay Minoris b. It orbits a red giant star more than 500 light-years from Earth. Amazingly, Halla managed to avoid being swallowed up by her co-host..

How did Hala survive from a red giant?

the doctor. Ben Monte, a scientist involved in this StadyI was surprised by this phenomenon, because, by all accounts, this planet should have been absorbed by its star. Halla was first discovered in 2015 and has been in a stable orbit around its star for more than a decade..

The star, called Baekdu, is burning helium in its core, a phase that usually occurs after the star expands and “swallows” nearby planets. but, Halla, which orbits close to Baekdu, survived, making it an unusual anomaly in space..

Halla’s discovery raised some fascinating questions. How this planet survived when it should have been destroyed by its expanding host star? Are there other planets left?

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Researchers have a few theories as to why Halla has survived. One is that Baekdu was a separate star.

Two stars would have merged into one, and this event would have changed the star’s expansion process, saving Halla. On the other side, Halla may be a “second generation” planet, formed from the gas cloud created when the two stars collided..

Interestingly, scientists have also noticed this Baekdu has a lot of lithium in its atmosphere.. This is very unusual for an older red giant. Could this fact be related to Halla’s survival? The team thinks he might be a leader, but isn’t quite sure.

Hala was a great find. Scientists will continue to search for more information as they explore the depths of our universe.

Whatever the reason for Halla’s survival, it’s a great find. He shows us that Not all planets close to their stars are doomed When these stars reach the red giant stage.

Moreover, it brings The possibility of other planets remaining there.

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