May 28, 2023

The president’s wife transferred 2 million Brazilian reals, but she is not afraid of arrest

Photo: Estadao

Wife of Bruno López Moura, appointed by the Public Ministry of Goiás (MP-GO) as the leader of the criminal organization accused of rigging Brazilian football matches in 2022, He will also be involved in crimesaccording Estadao.

Camila Silva da Mota, denounced by the MP-GO for her involvement in the scheme. While her husband is in pre-trial detention, she is living out days of detention at home with her 5-year-old son and other family members.

In the investigation of the deputy, Camilla is appointed as responsible for conducting money transfers for members of the organization and the “oranges”. All for the benefit of the selected players.

In an anonymous report to Estadão, the family is not afraid of being caught, stating that they are not involved.

“Camila has absolutely no role,” she says, as she supports a family member. Are you talking about money laundering? Where is the money? She lives the good life at home,” he adds.

Camila has disabled social networks and is isolated at home, avoiding leaving the house. Today, without a job, I actually worked in a gym and in a clinical analysis lab. His last wage with an employment relationship, in January 2019, was R$856.75.

Because of her involvement in the case, the woman will face charges of forming a criminal organization, with imprisonment from three to eight years. In the investigations, she appears to say that she wants to help her husband with the operation, and do some kind of accounting job.

according to the results Estadaothe company headquartered in the couple’s home, BC Sports Management, has moved over R$2 million in a short time.

Camila moved over R$2 million in just over six months, from March to September 2022, between inflows and outflows.

Within six months, R$1,036,160.00 was transferred as credit and R$1,047,233.00 into Bruno and Camila’s corporate account. According to the investigation, Bruno Lopez repeatedly indicated amounts and accounts to women for making bank transfers, in behavior that continued even on the eve of the outbreak of Operation Maximum Punishment.

From Camila, for example, linked the transfer via PIX in the amount of R$40,000 betting scheme to businessman Kleber Vinicius Rocha Antunes da Silva Clepinho Vera, from Curitiba, a businessman who is friends with several players who work in the elite of Brazilian football.

There are three cars to her name, including the SUV that Bruno Lopez said in her affidavit that belonged to him. On the sidewalk in front of Camila’s house, another car was parked that the father, a retired military policeman, had given to his daughter. Her father also bought the house in which she spends her isolated days with her son in the eastern region.

WhatsApp chats show that the businessman delegated to his wife the task of making payments through BC Sports for the entire scheme and also managing the records used to make fraudulent betting entries on sites such as Bet365 and Betano, two of the major houses operating in the country, Brazil. The investigation also concluded that Camilla was responsible for aiding the manipulations.

* With information from Estadao

Source: EditoraTerra