March 25, 2023

The Register discovers a scam directly on the balance sheet and fires the reporter who stole R$800,000

Record investigates and dismisses at least three broadcaster professionals who applied Bex’s trick to Salvador’s viewers during a program by Blanco Geral, who is the audience leader.

The channel is still preparing to report the case to the civil police as soon as it concludes its internal investigations, which are being conducted quickly.

Last year, a family asked for help in raising money for their daughter, who is undergoing cancer treatment. In all, it was possible to collect nearly one million Brazilian reals, but the amount did not reach them.

It’s just that the program editor and a couple of reporters will put the pixel number on the screen, not the family number. And so they got the money in their own account and there was about R$800,000 left.

The case was discovered by the presenter, José Eduardo Bocao, who went to the directors to warn of the crime and demand punishment. He was alerted by soccer player Anderson Talisca, who donated R$70,000 to the girl.

When the player searched for the family to be able to deduct the money from income tax, he received an answer that they had not received any donation from him or the broadcaster.

To Notícias da TV, Record issued a note: “As soon as it receives complaints, RecordTV Itapoan will investigate the facts and will take all appropriate legal action for the case.”

The editor in charge has already been fired, but the reporters are on vacation and will be terminated, all because, once they get back. The civilian police must be activated soon and those responsible must be held accountable for embezzlement.