February 27, 2024

The secret to cleaning your phone screen can change your life

the Sewage from your cell phone, both in Monitor As for the coat, it is a care that you must take, at least once a week.

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You must follow some steps to disinfect your device that may contain germs, fungi, and even viruses. This way you avoid not causing damage to the device. Check out tips to make your cell phone flawless!

1. Select the correct alcohol

You should be concerned about what is being used to clean your device. Gel alcohol should not be used to clean the device or to clean any other electronic device.

70% isopropyl alcohol is safe and does not cause harm to the device because it does not contain a lot of water in its composition. That is, water causes electronic components to oxidize and cause circuits.

Additionally, isopropyl alcohol is a best-thinking for tap and Cleaning Consider safety in relation to the risks other alcohols can pose to the device. They can be found without much difficulty in specialized computer stores. Another interesting option is 75% ethyl alcohol

As for gel alcohol, it is useful for cleaning the case, but not directly on the device screen. That way, stay till the end and we’ll comment on another important note about the cover.

2. Use a microfiber cloth or wet wipe

The microfiber cloth does not shed hair during use and is cost-effective so your cell phone can be preserved for a long time.

Never spray directly onto the screen of your device. Having had some of these on hand, the alcohol should be dumped into them first, without there being an excessive build-up of the substance, beware of excess!

Regarding the wet wipes, they make the cell phone screen free from bacteria and without damaging the device with any kind of stains. The alcohol should be the same, and the cleaning should be from top to bottom.

3. Make sure the device is turned off and unplugged from the charger.

The ideal is with the mobile phone off and without the case. It is already turned off, also make sure that it is off loader. In addition, pFind your case’s make and material. Cleaning varies depending on what is being done.