December 3, 2022
The ship that tried to warn the Titanic that there was an iceberg in the Irish Sea |  Globalism

The ship that tried to warn the Titanic that there was an iceberg in the Irish Sea | Globalism

A team of scientists led by Bournemouth University in United kingdom, found the wreck of the ship that tried to warn the RMS Titanic that an iceberg was on its way. This and 272 other ships were discovered wrecked at sea Ireland It was reported by marine archaeologist Dr. Ennis McCartney in “Echoes from the Depth”, released on Tuesday (27).

In 1912, the SS merchant ship Mesaba was crossing the Atlantic Ocean when it came across a huge iceberg. The crew sent a radio warning about the obstacle received by the Titanic, but the message did not reach the bridge. Later that night, the passenger ship hit the iceberg and sank. About 1,500 people died.

Meanwhile, the SS Mesaba continued to serve as a merchant ship for another six years, until it was hit by torpedoes while in convoy in 1918.

The discovery came thanks to Prince Madog, a modern multi-beam sonar device used by scientists, whose equipment allowed them to map more than 19 square kilometers in the depths of the Irish Sea. The detailed analysis was then compared with data from the UK Hydrographic Office, revealing a wealth of information about marine archeology in the area.

The SS Mesaba was a merchant ship that continued to operate until 1918, when it was torpedoed and sunk – Photo: Queensland State Library

“Previously, we were able to dive at a few sites each year to visually identify the wreck. Prince Maddog’s unique sonar capabilities have allowed us to develop a relatively low-cost way to inspect the wreck,” McCartney said in a press release.

Identification of shipwrecks such as those documented in the publication for historical research and environmental impact studies is just one example. [do potencial do sonar]said Michael Roberts, a scientist at Bonjour University who was involved in the study. Scientists to support the development and growth of the marine energy sector.

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