June 13, 2024

The singer’s mother is the main supporter of the marriage

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The singer’s mother is the main supporter of the marriage

Darlene Ferratre does not want to see Lexa and Jimmy apart. The singer’s mother, who has been following her daughter closely since the incident with her son-in-law on BBB 23, is, according to people close to her, one of the main supporters of their marriage.

In the period when Lexa and Jamie broke up, from October to December last year, Darlene actually played the role of trying to reunite the couple again, telling everyone that she “loves her son-in-law, and that she doesn’t want them to throw away the years they’ve had together.”

According to columnist Leo Dias, from Metropoles, Lexa had already warned close friends that she would not break up with Guimê. The exact reason is the story of the two after 10 years of relationship.

On the weekend, after expelling Jimmy, Darlene has a barbecue at his house, which, according to Lexa, will be a weekly habit rather than some kind of celebration.

Journalist Leo Dias, who posted the news on the Metropoles portal, reinforced the published content, also on Twitter. “Lexa, I’m sorry. You know I respect you and your family so much, but your mom’s neighbors sent in a beep from the party and Guimê’s music was playing so loud. It doesn’t make sense for your mom to have a barbecue after a day like this and play his music,” the columnist wrote.

Lexa also commented on the speculation about her relationship with Guimê after her brother’s elimination. “The decision of my personal life is up to me, thank you all for your love. I will not talk more about this topic,” said Carioca.

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