February 28, 2024

The son of Julio Cesare and Susanna Werner demands respect after the end of his parents’ marriage

Photo: Lance!

The separation of Susanna Werner and Julio Cesare, after 21 years of marriage, has become one of the most discussed topics this Sunday (21). The fallout was such that the couple’s eldest son, Kawit Werner, 20, spoke out about the ad.

“I come here to inform you that my parents’ situation is something I have nothing to do with, because I am just a son and I want the best for both of us,” he began in a text published in Stories. I’m just asking for a little respect, and please don’t mention me in anything, neither me nor my sister, please. We are fine, life goes on. Kisses and Mubarak Sunday to all,” Kawit said.

In addition to Kawit Werner, who is currently defending for the Spanish team Rayo Vallecano, the couple also has a 17-year-old daughter named Julia Werner.

Susanna Werner and Julio Cesar met in a recording on SporTV, dated for some time and got married in 2002. The businesswoman announced on her Instagram the separation: “Good morning, it is with great sadness that we announce our separation after 21 years of marriage. We hope everyone understands this difficult time that we are going through taking Decisions. By common agreement we have decided to follow our dreams and ways in the best way possible, and to maintain the affection we have for our family.”