February 27, 2024

The student was killed in the Titanic submarine who was horrified by the Titanic’s voyage

University student killed inCatastrophic implosionOn board the Titan submarine, the victim’s aunt told MailOnline he was “terrified” by the voyage and only engaged to please his father. Solomon, 19, gave his presence on the deadly flight as a Father’s Day gift.

Azmat Daoud – the older sister of Mr. Davidvice president of Engro Corporation — told NBC News that his nephew “wasn’t quite ready.” [a participar da viagem]But he felt compelled to please his father, who was very passionate about the shipwreck of 1912.

“I think of Suleiman there, maybe I’m just out of breath … It was really hard to be honest,” Daoud told the US Agency from her home in Amsterdam.

“It is not clear what made Daoud want to visit the Titanic with his son, but he is driven by a passion for exploration, and I understand that this was something that had been planned for some time,” Daoud added.

Mr. Dawood and his son were heirs to the great merchant dynasty of Dawood and were among the richest people in Pakistan – although they lived in Surrey, England.

A US Coast Guard report stated that the submarine OceanGate exploded 1,600 feet off the bow of the Titanic. On Thursday, experts said there was little chance of the victims’ remains being recovered. (with information from “MailOnline”)