April 12, 2024
The study found that the desire for luxury cars is linked to penis size

The study found that the desire for luxury cars is linked to penis size

Many people believe that the desire to own luxury goods and drive sports cars may be related to the size of the genitals, in the case of men. men. In other words, it would be like having a file sports car Corresponds to the fact that there is a file small penis. Therefore, the researchers decided to delve into the topic.

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Study links desire for sports cars and a small penis

The research on this topic was carried out by the Department of Behavioral Psychology at University College London. According to the results, men who consider their penises small tend to want to own a luxury sports car. Those who have compatibility regarding the genitals do not have the same pattern.

In all, 195 volunteers, ranging in age from 18 to 74 years old, were heard from. At first, they did not know what the subject of research was. They were divided into teams after receiving size decisions regarding the male genitalia.

One group, for example, thought the normal range for a penis would be 18 cm, while another group thought it was 10. This type of attitude serves to ensure the seriousness of the responses.

Our main hypothesis was that ratings sports cars It will increase when male participants are manipulated into believing that they have relatively small penises.

What was the result

Even more impressive, the result did support the idea that the desire for luxury cars is related to the impression of penis size. This is something that was seen as a myth and acid humor started to form in Sciences.

As the first results of the experiment indicate, there is a certain physical compensation for the restoration of self-esteem in relation to the size of the penis. However, scientists claim that the relationship has more to do with determining the size itself than the truth of the facts.

Photo: Milla Larsson/Shutterstock