February 28, 2024

The telescope captures one of the smallest galaxies ever found

Astronomers used images from James Webb Telescope To discover one small galaxy 13 billion light-years from Earth. The galaxy is one of the smallest galaxies ever found at this distance.

researchers from University of Minnesota They were one of the first groups to study distant galaxies using the James Webb telescope. The article has been published in the scientific journal Sciences.


“This galaxy is out of reach of all telescopes except James Webb and these are the first observations of its kind from… galaxy says university professor and author of the article, Patrick Kelly.

Find a distant galaxy by satellite | Image: Disclosure/ESA Webb, NASA and CSA/P. Kelly

In the research, the study of spectroscopy was used, which consists in studying the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and matter. In addition, they used a phenomenon called gravitational lensing – formed by the presence of mass between the object and the observer, which bends and magnifies the light. As a result, the young galaxy has been spotted, appearing 20 times brighter.

The study of galaxies aids in astronomy studies and helps in unearthing mysteries being. The size of the detected galaxy is approximately one millionth of the galaxy’s size milky wayHowever, “we can see that it still forms the same number of stars every year,” Kelly explains.

James Webb Telescope

James Webb Telescope
James Webb Telescope | Photo: Disclosure/NASA

The James Webb Space Telescope was developed in collaboration with three companies, NASAthe European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

James Webb was developed with the goal of answering questions about the universe, taking pictures, and discovering new galaxies and planets Habitable, in addition to placing an observatory in space to capture infrared radiation.

The James Webb Telescope captured the images posted on Twitter. paying off:

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