June 13, 2024

The underlying technology leaves Gen Z in awe

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The underlying technology leaves Gen Z in awe

Although technology is improving at a high speed, Generation Z still manages to keep up with their technological intelligence. However, research reveals that when it is necessary to use a scanner or printer, everything becomes difficult. Studies say that RI left the core technology Generation Z a fan.

Generation Z could be more productive than many people think

Even if the vast majority of people think that because children are born in the information age and everything comes to them intuitively, this is not true. Basic things and created before they appear in the world, it becomes quite a challenge.

An example of this new reality

Garrett Bemiller, a 25-year-old New Yorker, said he was astonished to see a copier in his office. He reported that it took him so long to realize that he had to turn the paper upside down for the machine to work.

And what teachers say about it?

Many said that their students had difficulty understanding the concept of file folders and directories. For them, it makes no sense for students to understand this, since a simple computer search function can solve all the activity.

After I realized that this difficulty Young In regards to older technologies, HP has dubbed this phenomenon “technology shaming.”

Due to the fact that Generation Z spends so much time on technology, it is synonymous with shame when compared to their older peers. Research even reveals that this generation is not ready for office life.

Another view of the generation

As for Gen Zers, due to the technological burdens Gen Zers possess, they have become more adaptable beings than their older counterparts and are often called upon to help them.

He adds that nowadays there is no longer a need to use scanners and printers. In addition, employers should follow the technological development and bid farewell to these machines.

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