February 27, 2024
Petrobras has sold its Landulpho Alves Refinery (RLAM), located in Recôncavo Baiano, and seven other refining units, to an Arab fund for US$1.6 billion.  Photo: Geraldo Kosinski / Agência O Globo

The value of gasoline and diesel rose for the fourth week at the pumps, rising to 35.5% per year, according to the National Ports Agency

Rio – The price of gasoline rose again for the fourth consecutive week. According to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), the average price per liter in the country is R$6,076 per week between September 12-18. Regarding the past four weeks, when a liter was at R$5.982, the increase was 1.57%. Compared to the previous week (between the fifth and eleventh), the increase was 0.2%. In the year, the price of gasoline has already increased by 35.5%, according to the National Ports Agency.

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In three states, the price of a liter of gasoline remains above $7. This is the case in Acre (maximum R$ 7.13), Rio de Janeiro ( R$ 7,199) and Rio Grande do Sul (R$ 7,185). ). Therefore, it is necessary to research to save.

Diesel also rose this week, its fourth weekly high. The average price per liter was R$4.709 in the country, up from R$4,695 the previous week and over R$4,608 four weeks ago. In the year, the increase was 30.5%.

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Economists point out that the value of hydrocarbons increases mainly according to the offers of oil prices in the international market and the dollar. Additionally, the price varies between states due to taxes and logistical costs for distributors distributing fuel.

On Tuesday, the topic returned strongly to the news after the federal government published decree authorizing Stations selling fuel, including gasoline, of any brand. They will also be able to purchase ethanol directly from producers and importers. To put these measures into effect, the government expected a temporary measure last month, which gave a 90-day period to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) to set the rules.

last tuesday too, Joaquim Silva and LunaThe president of Petrobras, claimed that the state-owned company is not responsible for gasoline more than $6. In the House, he said Petrobras has no control over pump prices and that it is avoiding international volatility. but on the same day, head of the central bankPrices such as gasoline, which have put pressure on inflation, are affected by the rise in the dollar, said Roberto Campos Neto, and noted that Petrobras is raising prices “much faster” than other countries.

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In the case of bottled gas, the price has also risen for three consecutive weeks. Currently, it costs R$98.33 for a cylinder weighing 13kg. It’s a higher value compared to the previous week, when it was R$96.89, and R$93.65 four weeks ago.