June 24, 2024

The youth coach complains about “Antigame” (!) in Botafogo: “What was done was not football”

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The youth coach complains about “Antigame” (!) in Botafogo: “What was done was not football”

The Youth He abused fouls, took three yellow cards in the first half alone, and distributed tackles and kicks to the ankle, in addition to using wax, with the referee’s consent. However, the technical Eduardo Baptista Complained about “game combat” Botafogo (!?) In the 1-1 draw this Sunday in Brazilian Championship. He was martyred in a specific case.

Even on the separating level, we try to modernize from the outside. And you see that Botafogo wets the midfield only in the first half. This is an anti-game, this is disrespectful to football. What happened here today is not football. Therefore, I think there was a lack of respect, as only Botafogo’s field of attack gets wet and not ours. The scenario was totally unfavorable. We came to play ball and we almost didn’t make it 2 to 1 in the end – Eduardo Baptista said in an excerpt prepared by “GE”.

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Regarding the match, the coach valued the performance of his team, which occupied the penultimate position in the Brazilian Championship.

– Another consistent and competitive game, within a scenario perfectly suited to the opponent with the field factor, audience and pressure. We tolerated well and knew how to understand the moments of the match. When it came time to score, we scored, we competed, and when we had the chance, we played. Unfortunately, we scored in a sporadic shot and in detail. It was a ball that would inevitably go to Cesar’s hands, but unfortunately it ended up touching Paulo (Miranda’s) hand. We just keep working and persevering,” he said.

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