July 15, 2024

“There is nothing that can teach me.”

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"There is nothing that can teach me."
"There is nothing that can teach me."

Manuela Seiblitz, daughter of Andre Gonsalves and Teresa Seiblitz, posted on Instagram what it was like to grow up without her father.

“I am 22 years old. I was born on February 13, 1999 – Saturday carnival. My mother put me in the world, and the other was late in giving birth and did not show me the origin,” he wrote, without mentioning the name of the actor.

Then she describes her experiences without her father: learning to walk, to read and write, birthday parties, and school performances.

He concludes, “I learned to eat, wash and brush my teeth without him. I went to all the doctors without him. I went to sleep without him. There is nothing he can teach me about how to love my future children.”

Manuela leaves a message for other parents: “For fathers of the world, there is always time. As long as you’re alive, there is time. Don’t miss the awesome opportunity to get to know your children.”

or case

In November, Andre Gonsalves had issued a house arrest decree for not paying child support to her other daughter, Valentina, as a result of her relationship with Cynthia Benigni. Because of the delay, the debt amounted to 350 thousand Brazilian reais.

Teresa Seiblitz says Andre Gonçalves also owes his daughter more than R$100,000 for child support.He adds that neglect goes beyond financial support.

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