February 27, 2024
These 3 steps will impress you!  See how science can help

These 3 steps will impress you! See how science can help

It is not always easy to deal with Our Romantic feelings. There are people who are very social and always in love with someone, so they go for their crush and get their attention without the slightest hint of shyness.

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Unfortunately, not everyone has developed this social gift of not being shy. And those “introverted” know that it’s often hard to say something to someone on the street, let alone start a conversation with someone you actually like! It seems crazy.

Although they had already tried, there was also clearly nothing in the mystical region that could help us. And yes, I’m talking about the famous associations, spells, and mandingas.

But do not despair! When magic doesn’t help, science does. And we’re not talking about any kind of love potion, because that tends to fail too or…or even go disastrously wrong. Anyone who’s watched—not childish cartoons—Ricky and Morty must have seen something like this in the Love Potion episode.

We’re talking about something more obvious and less fanciful, something that involves social and psychological therapy. It turns out that Gary Newman, a psychotherapist and writer, via Business Insider’s portal, claimed to have devised some ways for people to approach the people they’re attracted to.

It is worth remembering again that it is not something magical or mechanical, so it is not about techniques impeccableIn fact, they are just mechanisms to make you a nice person, because in this way you are more likely to be able to form strong bonds with someone.

Let’s go to the steps

1 – Smiling is a way to show affection

Let’s be clear that you can’t overdo it, because everything too much is definitely too much. Just smiling nonstop will make you look like a horror movie killer. When we talk about smiling, we are more in the way of the study conducted at Drake University, which showed that smiling not only makes a person more attractive, but also makes them more connected.

The person who smiles often makes others We see The more positive it is, the more comfortable I feel to be around you and trust. This can make you come to terms with each other normally.

2 – Touch creates intimacy

Let’s stress that there’s no need for excesses, okay? People who are hypersensitive and “handy” are seen as uncomfortable. You will have the opposite effect of what you actually want.

In this case, the study says that subtle touches when a file familiarity Being built speeds up this process.

Don’t be afraid of hugs, more delicate greetings, or touches that at first may seem like just a friend. Believe me… in the long run, it will send the message that it’s okay to be affectionate with you, because you like me.

3- Paying attention to the things that the other person likes

very Important Being yourself and showing your own personal taste, especially over time, does not mean that you should ignore the desires and preferences of others.

People are different from each other, so they will be Adores with different forms of culture. It is very important that you pay attention, listen, ask, understand and care about your partner’s passion.