June 14, 2024

These are the 5 cheapest cities to live in Brazil

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These are the 5 cheapest cities to live in Brazil

Moving to another city can have an important effect, which is not having enough money to pay the cost of living in that place. Therefore, many people began to search for the so-called “cheap cities”, which are the cities with the lowest price for basic materials.

Below, you can find out which cities have the lowest cost of living in Brazil.

The 5 cheapest cities in Brazil

To implement this indicator, it is necessary to take into account not only the value of products, but also business opportunities. This is because even cheap items can become very expensive when you are cities without a proposal for social development in the field of work. Thus, based on these criteria, it was possible to reach the following cities:

1 – Guaratinguetá (SP)

Currently, this city in the Paraiba Valley is considered the cheapest city in Brazil. In addition, the city has managed to stand out given its good infrastructure and quality of life for its workers. Moreover, it is a city strategic For those who travel a lot.

2. Annapolis (GO)

cost of living.
Photo: Annapolis City Hall

We leave the southeast towards the Midwest, more specifically in the city of Goiás in Annapolis, which also has a low cost of living. In addition, this is a city with many job opportunities, as it is a reference in the pharmaceutical industry.

Moussoro (RN)

In Rio Grande do Norte we can find Mossoro, a city that draws attention due to its tourism potential, as well as its low cost of living. As for EconomyThe fruit production and export sector, in addition to regional tourism, stands out especially around popular festivals.

Uberaba (MG)

cost of living.
Image: Canva

Shortly after, we have the city of Uberaba, which is located in Triângulo Mineiro and is one of the largest cities in the state of Minas Gerais. Moreover, it is a city with a low cost of living that mainly attracts students, as the area is home to major public universities in the state.

New Hamburg (RS)

Finally, we have the city of Novo Hamburgo, which is located in the south of the country and we managed to enter the top 5 cities in Brazil. Here, the focus will also be on the economy in the footwear and apparel production sector, which generates many jobs every year.

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