June 14, 2024

These are the favorite topics of financial influencers

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These are the favorite topics of financial influencers
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The October presidential elections in Brazil drew 11.1% of publications in the second half of last year, making the number of publications about politics rise from fifth, in the last edition, to third in the current report among the topics most covered by “Finfluencers”. The political topic came second after topics related to the stock market (44%) and cryptocurrency (13.6%).

The data is from the report “Finfluence – Talking about investments in social networks”, published by the Brazilian Association of Financial Entities and Capital Markets (Anbima) in partnership with the Brazilian Institute for Research and Data Analysis (IBPAD).

Other topics that come into the spotlight in the report are the Brazilian economy (8.8% of the volume of publications), commodities (6.2%), daily trade operations (3.7%), foreign exchange (3.7%), and REITs. (2.5%), foreign policy (1.6%) and savings (0.8%).

Analyzes of the economic impacts of key political facts and the final results of election results also contributed to the growth in the average number of interactions in posts on the topic: there were 2,654 per post, up 127% from the public opinion poll. the previous semester. It only lost out on the topic in terms of engagement with merch, which scored 2,702 interactions per post, on average.

The increase in posts and interactions in blog posts about Brazilian politics was already to be expected. After all, the observation period coincided with the presidential election. Expectations are that this movement will still appear in the fifth edition, which covers the first six months of the new administration. However, the trend is that from the sixth edition “Finfluence” the theme will return to the levels of the first three editions, assesses Amanda Broom, executive director of communications, marketing and relations with Associates at Anbima.

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