June 14, 2024

These car models are getting lower every day

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These car models are getting lower every day

Some cars depreciate quickly. Yes, much more than others! Therefore, it is important to be aware of what they are in order to better organize your projects and sell them at the right time. Otherwise, the damage may be greater. Keep an eye on these models below so you won’t be in for too long.

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who buys one New car He knows that the currency devaluation process is done automatically. He took it from the dealership, he already knows he will lose a lot of money when he wants to transfer it to someone. In the case of used cars, if it is a Chevrolet or Volkswagen, the devaluation can be even greater. understand why.

Cars that depreciate

Some recent surveys indicate that some of the car models of these two brands are the ones that have lost the most value in the market for some time now. This means that with each passing year, they can add more damage to their owners.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the production of new models has been compromised, leading to a preference for used vehicle appreciation. Totally unexpected scenario! This situation did not last long, so used prices are returning to normal.

In some cases, even falling into the context of further currency depreciation.

Survey conducted by KBB Brasil, a company specializing in pricing Of the cars, the Volkswagen Voyage and Volkswagen Golf are the two models that have lost the most in recent times. The Voyage compact sedan suffered a depreciation of about 22.80%. The proportion of Golfs, Volkswagen’s beloved model, was slightly lower, but still significant: 13.74%.

This situation is common when a car model is discontinued, parts are no longer produced or people lose interest in buying. If you own one of these cars, it is important to pay attention to the market in order to look for a good sales opportunity, as this way you can reduce your car costs Damage.

Otherwise, with each passing year, the loss of money could be greater.

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