February 27, 2024

Thiago Dionisio has been eliminated from A Grande Conquista with 20.69% of the vote – A Grande Conquista

Thiago Dionisio was eliminated from A Grande Conquista on Thursday (15)
Antonio Shahstian/Record TV

Thiago Dionisio game over! The former Vileiro received 20.69% of the vote and lost the general preference to Ana Paula Almeida and Murilo Dias in her poll R7.com This Thursday (15th).

The comedian fell into the danger zone for the third week in a row at the suggestion of Bruno Talamo. The journalist selected for the most voted seat as the most voted owner, Win the role challenge And he chose the comedian.

Conquistero is one of the 70 former in Vileiros He took great care of the mood way through reality. In one of the dynamics of appointment in the villa, Dropped several pearls: “These little plants rebel because I left the garden,” he said, planting a silva in you. About Skinny Hulk, he said: “The plant lives in the vase, and the Hulk lives in the bed.”

But do not think that Thiago was not watching the match! Immediately, he created a feud with Thiago Cervo for finding the then owner of Casa Azul “Soapy” and “loose”. he is too He took rancidity out of your mouthafter the competitor mentioned his name in gossip and even said that Erica Coimbra liked to “give a moral lesson”, Climate creation With the former volleyball player.

In the palace, he did an act strong friendship With Gabriel Rosa and Murilo Dias. But what put him in the eyes of some of the participants is Accusation of gossip and “take and bring”.

This is the second time that Dionisio has been nominated for the Zona de Risco by the winner of Prova da Virada. in the beginning, The official was Fabi Monarca, Chosen by game strategy reasons.

Last week, Conquisteiro went again, just for the sake of signifying the owners, Eric Ricarte and Riccardo Vilardo. However, he wins the Prova da Virada and, in revenge for the journalist, puts his friend and ally to the test, Thiago Cervo.

Remember the path of Thiago Dionysio!

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