February 20, 2024

This happened in selection training: the current situation of Ayrton Lucas is causing Flamengo fans to make comments on the web


Ramon Menezes’ decision could divide the crowd and see Ayrton Lucas reappear on European soil

Images: Joelson Marcon/CBF -
Images: Joelson Marcon/CBF –

Flamengo returned to coexistence with the players invited to the Brazilian national team. Reality distanced itself from the club for a while, and became a part of daily life for Rubro-Negro, mainly from 2019. Highlights from the Rio de Janeiro team influenced the individual appreciation of the key players in the cast. So that’s why The departure of Ayrton Lucas and Pedro to FIFA has raised a warning signal in the nation.

Ayrton Lucas in the Brazilian national team

In the team’s training on Tuesday (13), according to left-back Globo Esporte Ayrton Lucas was tested among the debutantes, replacing Alex Telles. Coach Ramon had tests at Barcelona, ​​and like the Red-Black squad, Palmeiras midfielder Raphael Veiga also got the chance throughout training. If Ayrton is selected for the friendly against Guinea, the nation’s fear will be heightened immediately: European harassment.

One of the highlights of the season in Flamengo, Ayrton Lucas caught the attention of some teams from the old continent. Space in the Brazilian national team could provide more visibility for the ace, thus increasing demand for the giants in Europe. Despite fans rooting for the player’s success, getting a spot at Amarelinha could cost a lot.

Photos: Joilson Marconne/CBF Pedro also represents the national team

Do you think Ayrton Lucas has enough football to play for the Brazilian national team?

Do you think Ayrton Lucas has enough football to play for the Brazilian national team?

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Pedro and Ayrton Lucas at Flamengo

However, The hope Mengão fans have is that the Flamengoists can return to Rio with a bigger bang. For example, Pedro returned to scoring goals after a short goal absence and hopes to achieve a positive streak in the national team. Mais Querido is starting to find a playing pattern with coach Jorge Sampaoli and they are two important pieces for the rest of the season. Now dressed in green and yellow, Ayrton and Pedro wear the sacred mantle even in Barcelona.

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