February 25, 2024
Ticiane Pinheiro ao lado de César Tralli (Foto: Divulgação)

Ticiane Pinheiro celebrates, César Tralli does not go and the official score is presented

Ticino Pinheiro is married to Cesar Tralee

Tsien Beneiro He returned to the spotlight on Friday, June 10, due to a big party he organized to celebrate his birthday. The presenter is only 46 years old on the 16th, but decided to hold an event early. However, there is one thing that attracts a lot of attention.

Cesar Tralee’s absence at Christmas ended up causing quite a stir on social media. This is because the party was attended by friends and family but the journalist did not show his face. So much so that in the photos shared by Ticiane Pinheiro it is not necessary to see the Globo contractor.

On social networks, Ticiane Pinheiro posted photos of the celebration of the party. “Early Celebrating My Birthday With The Family,” she wrote. In the comments, the audience asked Cesar Tralee. “Where’s the husband?” ‘I was curious about Cesar Tralee’s absence’, some said ‘strange to see you alone’.

Cesar Tralli did not attend Ticino Pinheiro's party (Image: clone)
Cesar Tralli did not attend Ticino Pinheiro’s party (Image: clone)

HOST says what her husband did to her

Presenter Tsien Beneiro Reveal more of his intimate life with Caesar TrallyLive in the morning “Hoje Em Dia” from Record TV. While talking to Keila Jimenez about news from kids Gustavo LimaThe blonde decided to tell us more about her relationship with the Globo announcer.

The news was about increasing security for children Gustavo Lima. was then became Tsien Beneiro Emphasize that safety is important. “Hide the school logo, just to be on the safe side,” she said, from public figures hiding how much their children study.

then wife Caesar Trally He took the opportunity to talk about his daughter Manu, who is only two years old, who also started attending school this year. She said of her suffering: “Manu has now started last week at school, my heart in my hand: ‘Oh my God, she’s going to school.'”

Even with an overprotective maternal instinct, Tsien Beneiro he said what Caesar Trally He did to reassure her. “And Cesar was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool, she’s going to school.’ She’s someone that you really need, she likes to get out of the house and play and so on,” she famously said.

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