February 28, 2024

Titãs opens political positions in SP and conservative fans have become a joke

You titans It played three shows in São Paulo this past weekend, and incredibly, the band’s political stance surprised some of its fans.

During the show that took place on Sunday (18) at Allianz Parque and was broadcast on TV and the Internet, Nando Reese Take the opportunity to offer some criticism of the government Jair Bolsonaroas it has in every show.

Before introducing “Jesus Não Tem Dentes no País dos Banguelas”, the singer commented with the audience on the timelessness of Titãs’ lyrics and explained that the themes dealt with in the 1980s still fit with events in Brazil today. He said (trans Folha de S. Paolo):

Happy and emotional as meeting my friends again is the significance and joy of playing with them songs we made so long ago, decades ago…and its importance is evident given the strong connection it has with what I think today, what we think today, even eerily, with what it is Brazil.

Brazil, right after the re-democracy, when we basically started, had a promise of the future, a shadow of the past, a perspective. And in a way, we’ve lived through a terrifying scenario for the past four years which also makes this reunion relevant to the moment we wrote those songs. Therefore, it is stronger, more stable, more modern, and expresses what we have always believed in and are here to repeat.

Although not directly quoted from the former president in his speech, after the band’s 1987 presentation of the eponymous song, he sang “Nomi ou boys” and cited Bolsonaro in his speech with the list of dictators and tyrants mentioned in the song’s lyrics, as he had done in the two previous performances in Sao Paulo. Paolo.

Implications of Nando Reis’ speech at Titãs’ show in SP

Fans who were present at the third night of Titãs in São Paulo reported on social networks that some of the audience booed Nando Reis during his speech. One netizen, for example, joked about the situation:

Fun moment of the day: Baladiyat discovers Titas’ political stance in the middle of the parade. Their faces while Nando Reese was talking about the last horrible years we’ve been through, were hilarious!!!!

Another fan who was also on the show highlighted that many people lack interpretation of the band’s lyrics:

I’ve been listening to Titans ever since [os anos 80]’And you didn’t play any songs?’ I was amazed at Bolsominion booing when Nando talks about 4 years of nightmare and then sings lunges like ‘Police’, ‘Misery’, ‘Primate Man’, ‘Food’ and so on.

However, it should be noted that TMDQA! He was present at the three concerts of the tour in SP and was able to notice a lot of applause for his stances, both at Nando’s speech and also in the final part of the show, when the group performed with Pride, representing the LGBTQIA+ community.

You can watch the video of the moment right below, and then some fan reports that got a lot of sarcastic responses from conservatives.

Titans encounter tour

Titãs’ long-awaited reunion tour offers audiences a unique experience that combines true classics of the band, presented by Arnaldo Antunes, Branco Mello, Charles Gavin, Nando Reis, Paulo Miklos, Sergio Britto that it Tony Pilotto.

The only member left out, of course, is the late Marcelo Frommer – Yet he was represented by his daughter, Alice Frommerwho sings in some moments of the performances.

After the presentations in São Paulo, the Titãs Encontro Tour still has two more dates scheduled in Brazil (23/06 in Praça do Papa, in Vitória / ES, and 30/06 in Estádio do Comercial FC, in Ribeirão Preto / SP), in addition to three international dates (10/03 in Hollywood, FL, USA; 10/06 in New York, USA, and 11/03 in Lisbon, Portugal).