February 27, 2024

To unmask Irene, Antonio fakes his own death with the help of an “unlikely” person; The character Gloria Perez is a soap opera villain


Betrayed, Antonio La Silva will do everything to unmask his wife and get unexpected help

Images: Reproduction/Globo
Images: Reproduction/Globo

in Earth and passiona series shown by TV Globo, Erin (Gloria Perez) “pierces her daughter’s eye” and begins to have an affair with Luigi (Rainer Cadet). Clueless, wife Antonio La Silva (Tony Ramos) won’t have to worry about feelings for Petra (Deborah Osorio) and will end up in bed with the alleged Italian.

However, her infidelity will be discovered by Daniel’s mother (Johnny Massaro) by the farmer, who will be baffled to realize that he has always been manipulated by the villain. Then, Allen’s enemy (Barbara Reese) will make a surprising decision to unmask Donduca.

Image: Reproduction/Globo

Antonio La Silva fakes his own death with the help of an ‘unlikely’ character

with help Cayo Kawa Raymond, an “eternal” figure despised by the powerful, Antonio Will fakes his death to unmask Angelina’s boss (Inez Viana). The information comes from André Romano, columnist for the Observatorio da TV portal.

Irene is the villain of Walcyr Carrasco

According to a supposed text by Walcyr Carrasco, Irene will spare no effort to harm her stepson. “Irene is willing to do anything to exclude Caio from the inheritance and, if possible, to kick him out of the house. The housekeeper Angelina protects him, because she created him. But Irene discovers that Kayo helped get Aline accepted into the co-op. He does so because he is an old acquaintance of Lucinda’s. Not only is he attracted to Allen, but he really likes the idea of ​​antagonizing his father.It will be an excerpt from the text.

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