June 18, 2024

Tourist survives a 30-meter fall from bungee jumping

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Tourist survives a 30-meter fall from bungee jumping
The tourist survives a 100-foot fall
Image: reproduction: social networks

The tourist survives a 100-foot fall

One Tourist A 39-year-old man survived a 100-foot fall by jumping off a bridge bungee jumping In the city of Pattaya, at Thailand
in the amusement park. The incident occurred on March 23 at Changthai Thappraya Safari and Adventure Park.

The man, identified only as Mike, gave an interview to CNN and stated that he was covered in bruises after the fall. The equipment’s bungee broke a few seconds before finishing the jump, causing him to fall, fortunately, into the water.

“I landed on my left side, so the injuries were more serious there,” Mike told CNN. He also stated that he closed his eyes at the time of the jump and only realized something was wrong when he was actually surrounded by water. “If a person does not know how to swim, he will be in trouble,” he warns.

The amusement park reimbursed for the jump and even paid for Mike’s x-ray and ultrasound. The park’s owner, Nithit Intim, told the report that the team immediately pulled him out of the water and took him to the hospital.

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