June 13, 2024

Towing a ship after it ran aground in the Egyptian Suez Canal Globalism

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An oil tanker was briefly stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt, Wednesday evening (31) due to a technical failure in its rudder. The Affinity V blocked the southern part of the canal and, according to the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), has already been towed.

The accident occurred on the same single track of the canal where there is a giant cargo ship, The Ever Geffen ran aground for six days in March 2021and disrupt global trade.

According to ship monitoring service TankerTrackers, the tanker appears to have lost control as it headed south. “It has temporarily blocked traffic and is now facing south again but is moving slowly with the help of the locomotive,” the foundation said on Twitter.

TankerTrackers records also indicate that the Affinity V may have been hit by a smaller ship called the Amelia that was navigating the same stretch of the Channel.

After Ever Given ran aground last year, SCA announced an acceleration of its channel expansion plans. The project includes the extension of a second canal that will allow ships to pass in both directions along part of its route and deepen the existing canal.

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