July 2, 2022
Trader Points To 5 Cryptocurrencies That Could Rise Over 70% And Track Bitcoin Toward $87,000

Trader Points To 5 Cryptocurrencies That Could Rise Over 70% And Track Bitcoin Toward $87,000

after bitcoin (BTC) after I renewed the historical cap, reaching a price of 67,016.50 USD, Cryptocurrency It is “on a land that has not been explored before,” according to the Transfero team of analysts in charge of the stablecoin quickly Indicates.

Thus, experts suggest that there may be a rapid escalation It reaches $87,100, which would be the first target, according to the Fibonacci projection.

According to the company, through the above chart, it is possible to see the formation of a high channel, It is a continuation pattern that runs diagonally – in this case, upwards.

“But it is good to be on the lookout for possible solutions. Prices are advancing inside the channel and a breakout in the trend line (lower line) could signal a correction, causing the price to seek support at $57,200, which would be a good entry point.” , say analysts.

In addition, the digital asset market sentiment analysis indicates a high level of greed (84 points). Highlight of this week’s post The global market size of . was CryptocurrencyWhich also reached its new record, reaching $2.73 trillion.

From Transfero’s point of view, the . file The expectation is that this rally could reach new levels when altcoins start gaining strength with the bullish movement of BTC. Right now, they’re still out of focus, because the moment is completely out of focus. Bitcoin This is confirmed by the increasing dominance of the market in recent days.

Altcoins can rise by 70%

However, while Transfero analysts point to the possibility of BTC rising to $87,000, the analyst known in the market as Credible Crypto said he is optimistic that five cryptocurrencies can follow Bitcoin’s momentum in this new price discovery and head towards new historical highs.

For the analyst, one cryptocurrency with great potential for growth is Convex Finance, which stands for its token CVX It powers the Curve Finance decentralized platform (DEX). According to him, the whales are accumulating CLC, indicating that they are presenting an upward movement that should be driven by news of a major partnership for DEX.

“Another $1 million CLC purchase from the pros at $21.53 each CLC. Yes, still early.”

Another cryptocurrency in the list of traders is XRP. The credibility of the Ripple bull has been for a long time, and in his analysis, theIt always scores the coding capabilities in terms of rating.

In his new analysis, he said that he expects XRP to turn a historical level of resistance into support, paving the way for a significant rally.

“I can’t understand how cool this chart looks. From a technical perspective, I find it hard to see how an analyst can provide an objective bearish case for this chart. When we finish here soon, XRP will melt faces.”

Also in the list of traders is Ethereum (ETH) which he indicated is about to reach new heights, following in the footsteps of Bitcoin’s recent record high.

Habar H Solana

Also on the traders list is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), Credible Crypto He says A new all-time high is in the cards if the cryptocurrency manages to overcome the remaining hurdle at the $0.47 mark.

“HBAR followed the plan beautifully here. I suspect it breaks resistance soon and we are headed towards the tops of the 0.43 range. Clear red and all-new records.

Analyst too believe this Solana (SOL) is also expected to reach a new all-time record. In the past seven days, a cryptoactive . file has been created go up From $162.60 to $204.30, which is an increase of about 26%.

“Note that the ORANGE zone was the last line of defense before a much bigger incident happened. It held, BTC broke resistance and the bearish scenario was nullified. Prepare to set a new record not only on SOL, but on many other alternatives.”

Merchant added He warned that a rally in the cryptocurrency market would translate into an increase in the prices of other altcoins, but he cautioned that BTC could outperform the market in the short term and steal the supply, but there is no doubt that a rally in BTC will boost altcoins.

“Yes, BTC will be in the spotlight at first, but alternatives will soon follow BTC with their significant highs.”

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