February 28, 2024

Trending videos on how to cure back pain on TikTok

Photo: Playback / Tiktok

Spinal pain has become epidemic and can be associated with several factors such as repetitive efforts, poor posture, or more serious conditions such as herniated discs and fractures.

In recent weeks, Tiktok won trends Around pressure column And many videos are pumped. For the most part, the user shows up at the gym and dangles from a body-stretching iron to create a sense of muscular comfort.

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According to pediatric neurophysiotherapist Adilea Cadete Pedroza, although movement is relaxing for people, the spine is very complex.

“I think for some people who say ‘Oh, I did it, it gives comfort,’ I really think it does, but the shaft is a very important structure,” he explains.

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A physical therapist believes that this type of movement in relation to the spine can damage or create other muscle problems.

“This movement that they do, this pressure, you have to see if it can cause more muscle tension, or tension in the shoulder. It depends on how you do it, you have to have a professional guide you,” he said.

Physical therapists do not recommend performing the exercise without medical supervision. According to Adilea, the ideal situation is to seek out a professional and have imaging tests done to check that there are no major problems with the spine.

“Some people can have a hernia, and the hernia is complicated,” he said. “Decompression is like this, you can do it on your own or a physiotherapist does it in person.”

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She pointed out that decompression carried out in this way, without competent supervision, can lead to complications in the spine due to some of the stages in which a herniated disc occurs.

“When you do that, you have to find a doctor first, do a photo exam, find a professional who understands the topic, because sometimes you do it yourself and think you’re doing something useful and it isn’t, it can complicate things “to the other side,” he explained.

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Physiotherapist says spinal decompression exercise is wrong

On the same social network, physical therapist and Pilates instructor Mayara Franco made a video explaining the thriving workout.

According to her, the activity is not to decompress the spine. “If that was the case, it would be easier to treat the herniated disc. It was just doing it, putting the patient on a rod and that’s it,” he said.

watching video:

According to the physical therapist, to decompress the spine, it is necessary to move the vertebrae away from each other. “We have the effect of gravity from top to bottom,” he said. “For us to move these vertebrae apart, we need to stretch the spine in opposite directions.”

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Mayara mentions that in order to separate the vertebrae, it is necessary to separate them from each other like a rubber band: pull from one side to the other. “This kind of gravitational movement is not going to help move the vertebrae apart. We need cervical traction and lumbar traction.”

What happens in the exercise that TikTok users do?

According to Mayara, during the exercise it is possible to see the lumbar region “fall”, and, accordingly, it gives a feeling of relief. “It really is,” he said, “but it’s because it stretches the latissimus dorsi.” And also remember that during the exercise, the shoulder muscles are also stretched.

*Text by intern Anna Paola Brito Vieira, under the supervision of Lais Majesci

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